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ATTENTION is a project I kept to myself for a year, experimenting with genres and influences and a community of fellow music lovers. ATTENTION symbolizes the importance of having a great time playing with the people you play for. This stems from the incredible trip I took into music, clubbing, travelling and sharing inspirations with other melowomen and men. I started getting my hands on some producing gear in 2002 at the age of 14 and produced Rap instrumentals for local crews with a beat up Akaļ MPC2000XL, two third hand Numarks TT1650 and a Gemini UMX special edition. I just couldnt stop playing, and recording. Basically it was my calling. The passion is getting stronger with time as every true love story should. Aside from my early obsession with scratching, bootlegging and mashing up medias, genres and atmospheres I stepped on the dancefloor as soon as I got enough cash to get a fake ID to trick past the bouncers. Then there was no turning back. Since 2006 Ive been performing in both clubs, festivals (Venezia More Festival) and free parties, turning barns, fields, grocery stores, the street I lived on and, yes, a plane into ephemeral venues, just because the vibe felt right. I also featured in a documentary titled Sur les toits de Paris on national television about the emerging rooftop clubbing scene in the city of lights (46). I played mostly in France under the alias Les Radis Sanglants where we scored residences at Le Concorde Atlantique,Le Panic Room,La Belle Epoque and of course Le Badaboum Paris. I also toured in Norway, SE Asia, England, Morocco and Italy both solo and as a duo act alongside NU, ACID PAULI, SYNAPSON, DIMITRI FROM PARIS, PACHANGA BOYS, DJ LE ROI, RODRIGUEZ JR, AGORIA, ĀME, SASCHA BRAEMER, REFOUND, MONKEY SAFARI, VIKEN ARMAN. Although most of my equipment ended up being confiscated, lost, stolen or simply having way too many vodkamate poured onto it I just keep rebuilding a studio wherever I settle. Now focusing on Techno and Deep House as my main genres. Still, I love to dive into chilled Nu Disco or venture towards harder techno. The crowd and the ambiance are my loyal companions when I spin the wheels of steel !